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Technological incubators
Technological incubators

IEI members play a critical role in the Israel Startup Ecosystem.

As professional and experienced early-stage investment organizations, we identify promising ventures, provide seed funding, create entrepreneurial working environments, and mentor companies through their formative lifecycle stages.

The fruits of our many years of efforts have recently been acknowledged in the Startup Ecosystem Index’s 2012 report “In the Startup Ecosystem Index, Tel Aviv ranks second globally, because it has the second highest output index of startups with a healthy funnel of startups across the developmental lifecycle, a highly developed funding ecosystem, a strong entrepreneurial culture, a vibrant support ecosystem and a plentiful supply of talent.”

In a unique public-private initiative, the IEI members share the very high risk of seed investment with the Israel government. The IEI members skillfully manage the risk through experienced dealflow management, hands-on business and technology guidance, and extensive networks of strategic partners and follow-on investors.

IEI works to strengthen the Israeli startup ecosystem through promoting collaboration and coordination – in Israel and abroad -- with:


  • Regulatory bodies such as the Israel Innovation Authority, the Israeli Parliament (Knesset), and more

  • Strategic partners in relevant industries

  • Academic and research institutes

  • Venture capital firms and other investment entities


Welcome to the Israel Early-Stage Investors Association (IEI),

the home of Israel’s leading high-tech early-stage investment organizations.

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